Community skills for climate action wrap-up

Wednesday 10 November 2021

Community members seated around table

The Community Skills for Climate Action program, delivered by Yarra Council, in partnership with Moreland and Darebin Councils wrapped up recently. 

The 10-session, 75-participant program has resulted in 22 local climate action projects and a growing network of people who are working together to create change.  

The program focused on building skills, connecting people and groups, and developing a network of people who are reaching out, working together and supporting each other’s efforts to build a broader, more diverse movement of people taking climate action.  

For many participants, the program has inspired them and given them the tools and connections they need to take climate action. Participants have said: 

“This series has trained us up to be more successful in what we do and have the confidence to feel like change agents and leaders in the community. These skills and knowledge, coupled with the experience of networking with a great variety of passionate and diverse people, has been really reinvigorating and provided us with the inspiration and energy to not only carry on with our efforts, but to take it further and take new avenues.” 

“The program has helped me understand my role in the climate movement; my place and how I can add the most value.  And it has given me the tools and the connections to do this.” 

The 22 local climate action projects which have come from the program include: 

  • Media and communications support for local climate projects and groups 
  • ‘The Big Local Climate and Arts Expo’ which showcased local artists responding to the climate emergency 
  • Climate action workshops supporting local communities to reduce carbon emissions and connect with broader local climate campaigns 
  • Building climate resilience with community health organisations. 

Joint delivery across three councils has achieved much more than any one council could achieve alone: an expertly designed and facilitated program; broad networks to recruit for diversity; resource and skill sharing across councils; and, importantly, seeding a new network through Melbourne’s north and inner-east.  The collaboration has also strengthened the three councils’ shared approach and intention to support community-led climate action across our municipalities. 

Find out more about the Community Skills for Climate Action program and taking climate action in Yarra.



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