We're Supporting Electric Vehicle Uptake in Yarra

Monday 16 August 2021

Yarra City Council is committed to reaching its target of zero-net emissions across Yarra by 2030.

To achieve this, we need to reduce our level of transport emissions within the community and increase our use of active and public transport and Electric Vehicles (EVs).

Over the past 12 months, we’ve advocated strongly to other levels of government to invest in EV charging points. We’ve also advocated for greater support for local market development that encourages the take-up of EVs in the community.

In a submission to the Victorian Government in 2020, we called for a Victorian Zero Emissions Vehicle Roadmap. The roadmap should be supported by actions, targets and incentives to assist in accelerating the transition to electric vehicles across the State. The submission also called on the Government to work closely with Councils on the roll out of public EV charging infrastructure.

In 2020, we developed new guidelines to help ensure multi-residential and commercial developments are “EV-ready.” The guidelines included provisions that ensure the necessary electrical infrastructure required for tenants to be able to easily install an EV charger at their parking space is incorporated into the design.

The guidelines have been shared with the Council Alliance for Sustainable Built Environment to help support its work in developing a Zero Carbon Emissions Planning Scheme Amendment as well as with the Electric Vehicle Council of Australia.

Yarra Council is continuing to explore opportunities to encourage greater EV take-up in the local community. We’re working with local government and industry partners to undertake joint advocacy to State and Federal government on this matter.

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Read the Yarra City Council Submission to the Development of a Zero Emissions Vehicle Roadmap in Victoria (PDF)

Read Yarra City Council's Electric Vehicle Factsheet (PDF)


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