Tom's: 44 Sackville St, Collingwood

Friday 09 April 2021

cafe owner standing in front of display cabinet with pastries

Rediscover Yarra is a council-led initiative to profile and highlight the great diversity of places to shop, eat and socialise across our community. We’re telling the story of Yarra businesses, showcasing what they do and what’s special about owning and operating a business in our local community.

Tom’s story

“There’s a lot going on in the City of Yarra. It’s great to be surrounded by lots of cool, creative people doing cool, creative things. I really like that Yarra acts as a bit of a hub for lots of the events and convenient when accessing the different cycling routes around the city.”

Tom Beattie is the owner and operator of Tom’s Coffee and has been working in café’s around Melbourne since he was 14 years old. Three years ago, he decided tackle a small business venture and opened Tom’s Coffee. The coffee shop has become somewhat of a social hub and go-to coffee spot for Collingwood locals, cyclists and people who work in the area.

When the first lockdown happened and Tom’s was required to temporarily close its doors, the business was able to adapt and began making and delivering homemade soup, artisan foods and plant-based milk.

“It was really cool seeing the different ways the community responded.  Customers from the coffee shop became customers of the pandemic soup shop.”

cafe owner preparing coffee in front of sandwich and pastries

Throughout 2020, Tom’s loyal regulars kept him on his feet and made him appreciate the community around Tom’s so much more. For Tom, his business and the meaning of community tend to blur into one.

“Without community, there’d be no Tom’s.  Tom’s is a meeting place for anyone and everyone, and every single person is welcome in the space.”

Located in a light-filled warehouse, Tom’s shares the space with Pedla, a cycling road-wear shop. Whether it’s the much-loved Genovese coffee, a toastie or freshly baked pastries from To Be Frank, the former auto-workshop is now a haven for lovers of coffee and bikes alike.

“It’s a real mixed bag of locals and those who work around the area,” Tom said. “It’s amazing to see the community aspect of coffee in practice. The ability a simple drink has to connect people, make friends and create a really special community is just awesome.”

Tom’s Coffee is located inside of Pedla, at 44 Sackville St, Collingwood. You can find out more information by following them on Facebook and Instagram or visit their website.

Throughout April, council will be sharing stories from some of the incredible small businesses and local traders that call Yarra home. Traders like these are the lifeblood of what makes our community such a vibrant and exciting place to live and work. Read more Rediscover Yarra features here.



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