Smarter gardens for a more sustainable future

Friday 26 February 2021

multiple people taking care of community garden with man in baseball cap in foreground

Free online resources, workshops and events to help create productive, functional local gardens

From community gardens to farmers markets, urban agriculture is thriving in Yarra and the appetite to sustainably grow our own food has never been stronger.

Yarra City Council has joined My Smart Garden to provide a range of new educational and practical resources for local residents and community.

Through the My Smart Garden website, Yarra residents will have the resources and advice they need to create local productive and thriving gardens.

Residents can also register for our upcoming webinars explaining everything you need to know about understand your soil, seed propagation and so much more.

Whether it’s through traditional veggie beds, home orchards, rambling multi-layered food forests, or even portable, potted gardens, we can all be part of local urban agriculture initiatives and help create a more sustainable community.

What is a smart garden?

A smart garden takes a more sustainable approach to home gardening across five main elements:

  • Food: improving access to healthy, local and sustainably produced food;
  • Shelter: planting trees and vines to create a greener microclimate to shelter produce from the elements and changing climate;
  • Waste: recycling food and other organic waste into organic mulch and fertiliser;
  • Water: capturing and using greywater and rainwater wisely; and
  • Habitat: support biodiversity by planning food and habitat for beneficial insects, native plants, birds and animals.

How to get involved and learn more

Visit Growing Food in Yarra or head to the My Smart Garden website for great online resources and information, or register for one of our free webinars below.

Love your soil!

Join us for this webinar as we dig deep into understanding soils, how to build their health and fertility, increase their water and nutrient holding capacity and balance pH, and nutrients. This free online webinar is presented by passionate gardener and facilitator Kat Lavers.

When: 6:30pm – 9:30pm, Tuesday 2 March

Location: Online Event

Register here

Seed saving and propagation 101

Experience the mass shortage of seeds and seedlings in 2020 and want guidance through the basics of seed saving and propagating?

This webinar will explain how to save your own strong, locally adapted seeds, discuss methods of effective storage, and outline a few ways to propagate plants easily at home, including growing from seed without spending a cent on seed raising mix.

When: 6:30pm – 9:00pm, Tuesday 9 March

Location: Online Event

Register here


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