Make your festive season zero-waste

Monday 21 December 2020

During the holiday season it’s easy to get caught up in a frenzy of … stuff! Whether it’s prepping for holiday parties, decorating our homes, or finding gifts. how you can avoid waste, while also keeping your sanity!


Give experiences, not things. Whether it’s a ticket to your favourite music gig, handmade jams, candles or soap, the best gifts are experiences to remember.


 Wrap with what you already own – re-purpose paper, gift bags, or newspaper. Instead of plastic sticky tape use twine, ribbons or glue.

Check out this video from Who Gives a Crap on re-using their loo roll wrappers for wrapping presents!



Purchase a small starter tree at your local nursery or decorate a native tree for your very own zero waste Christmas tree, that you can keep forever.

Avoid buying plastic tinsel and instead think about making your own pom poms, paper snow flakes or popcorn garlands.


Get meal planning, eat what you already have, be realistic with portions and write a shopping list.


Take your reusable shopping and produce bags to the supermarket and BYO containers for meat, bread, dips and other treats from the deli.


Share leftovers food with your guests. Use reusable containers and beeswax cotton wraps so it can last longer, and be enjoyed again later.

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For more tips on how you can reduce waste visit the Avoid waste and recycle page on our website. 


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