A recycling revolution is coming! New glass bins will change the way we recycle in Yarra

Sunday 16 August 2020

New glass recycling bin for Yarra residents

Yarra City Council is revolutionising the way we recycle by introducing a new glass bin.

The new glass bin, which has already been trialled across 1,300 households in Abbotsford for the past year, will be rolled out across 54,000 households and businesses across Yarra during the next few months.

By the end of November all households, businesses and apartment blocks serviced by Yarra Council will receive a separate purple-lidded bin for recyclable glass, including jars and bottles.

The first collection of the new glass bins is planned for Monday, 23 November.

Yarra Mayor, Cr Misha Coleman said this was the next step in Yarra’s recycling revolution and would reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill.

“Yarra has always been recognised for being innovative and progressive and this project is a great example of that,” Cr Coleman said.

“We are leading the way when it comes to recycling and making a valuable contribution to fixing the recycling industry” Cr Coleman said.

“Changing our recycling behaviour will not only reduce waste and the amount of waste being sent to landfill, but it will also educate everyone on how they can recycle better.”

By the end of November everyone in Yarra (except those who have a private waste service) will be asked to separate their recyclable glass waste from their other recycling, change what goes into their yellow-lidded recycling bin and change when they put their bins out.

Along with the new glass bin, residents will also receive an information kit which will provide details on what goes in each bin and when each bin will be collected.

Cr Coleman encouraged residents to embrace the change and be part of something very special.

“This is an opportunity for all Yarra residents to help tackle Australia’s recycling crisis,” she said.

“From now on Yarra will only be collecting the recycling that can be processed here in Australia, which not only creates more local jobs but also has significant environmental gains as well.”

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