Shaping the future of Yarra's economy

Tuesday 07 July 2020

Woman serving coffee out of a hole in the wall cafe
Last year we asked you to tell us how you think we can best support businesses in Yarra.

You told us what you think we can do to empower our local businesses, boost employment and grow Yarra’s economy. We then used this feedback to write our Draft Economic Strategy for 2020-25

Since beginning this process in November 2019, we’ve had to take into account the effects that coronavirus (COVID-19) is having on our economy. Our strategy now acknowledges the new challenges that we face.

As this situation is constantly evolving we will continually monitor and adjust our response, as well as look for opportunities to support recovery and build a more sustainable economy. 

Our vision is a Yarra where businesses prosper and creative and knowledge industries thrive.

You can see the draft strategy and share your feedback before Monday 27 July. 

Visit our Your Say Yarra page to learn more and have your say.


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