Plotting a sustainable future

Monday 24 February 2020

Rushall Garden volunteer Lynda tending to the garden

Urban agriculture – the process of growing, producing and recycling food in an urban environment – is thriving in Yarra.

From community gardens and farmers markets, to composting hubs and the 170+ laneway gardens and planter boxes dotting our streets, the appetite to sustainably grow our own fruit and veg has never been stronger.

Fitzroy North’s Rushall Garden continues to cultivate urban agriculture into the new decade with its new cookbook Plotting. Plotting is a collection of recipes from Rushall’s gardeners, based on old favourites and some inspired by their experiences at the garden.

Volunteer and author Lynda Achren says the garden’s commitment to sustainability is reflected through the book’s focus on eating seasonally, making the most of harvests, preserving excess and gardening organically.

“The seeds of the idea for this book were sown a few years ago after one of our monthly working bees, when we were sitting around sipping a well-earned coffee and swapping ideas on what to do with the abundance of zucchinis we were harvesting.”

“This became a regular feature of our Sunday gatherings each month, as we talked about a different vegetable or two, depending on what was in season,” said Lynda.

Rushall Garden was founded by a passionate group of locals in 1997, with the first seedlings planted and harvested at its Thomas Kidney Reserve site in 2004. It fosters a strong sense of community, holding monthly working bees and morning teas that Lynda proudly organises.

Lynda said she has learnt a lot about gardening, cooking and sustainability while creating Plotting. She loves hearing others’ stories and being inspired to try new ideas on her own plot. 

“I hope you get as much out of the collection as I did putting it together,” said Lynda.

For more information on Rushall Garden and to buy your own copy of Plotting, visit Rushall Garden.

To learn more about how you  can get started in urban agriculture visit Growing Food in Yarra.


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