Major Events Expressions of Interest Now Open

Sunday 24 November 2019

Photo from stage looking out into audience in street
Duke Street Festival. Velodrome Events.

Expressions of Interest to hold a major event in the City of Yarra from June – December 2020 are now open.

In order to manage the demand for spaces in Yarra, we have a major events Expression of Interest (EOI) process. The EOI process is particularly focused on capturing the following types of events/markets:

• Events requiring closures of major roads
• Long stay or recurring events (markets and circuses)
• Events attracting over 1,000 participants
• Events incorporating road closures of Yarra Boulevard

EOIs for large-scale street-based events such as the Victoria St Lunar Festival, alongside small local celebrations on residential streets and park-based events like fun runs, concerts and circuses are some of the applications we regularly receive.

In 2018/19 we received more than 50 applications for major events. Alongside recurring events such as triathlons and road events, the Johnston Street Fiesta and the Peel Street Festival we issued major event permits for some exciting new festivals and events such as the Reclink Community Cup at Victoria Park, The Petting Zoo at Burnley Circus Site, Velodrome Events – The Duke St Block Party and Vollyspot Music Events at Fairfield Amphitheatre. 

Applicants are required to submit a preliminary proposal that includes a description of the proposed activity and site, frequency, and relevant experience of the applicant. The preliminary proposals will be assessed by a panel and the applicants that best meet Council’s criteria will be issued an in-principle agreement. We will then invite successful applicants to submit a detailed proposal for consideration.

Submissions are now being accepted and close at midnight 20 December 2019.



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