Your first thoughts

Wednesday 24 July 2019

We’ve been listening to your views on the Yarra Waste Revolution, doing a random survey of more than 100 households in the trial area.

We will do the survey again in late August to compare the results and judge how things are going. Of course, at any time you can let us know your feedback by emailing

Here we share some of the key findings:

  • More than 8 out of 10 of the survey respondents agreed that reducing waste is important to improving the environment.
  • Over half said they thought the new waste and recycling trial was an improvement in managing waste.
  • Seventy percent of respondents were supportive of the trial and agreed that it’s important to reduce our waste.
  • But around one-third said that they didn’t trust that their waste would be processed effectively all the time.

We’re glad you’re behind the idea for the trial – working together to fix our waste and recycling system – but understand that you need to know more about how the system works.

We got a lot of feedback about the bins we gave you to recycle your food and green waste, and your glass. This is great as one of the key things we’re testing is the type of bin that works best for our residents.

Some said the bin that they had been provided was too big, others said it was too small.

Respondents also gave us lots of useful feedback about the information we supplied to residents, and what was said will influence the information we provide to householders if this trial is rolled out across Yarra.

Everyone who completed this survey was in the running to win one of two $100 Coles Group or Myer Gift Cards. Residents Angus Husband and Julia Morrison won these prizes.


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