Making Denali smile

Monday 07 January 2019

Image of man and boy in street
Not many things make six-year-old Denali sad. But he couldn’t help frowning when he had some problems getting to school last year. 

On his way to Collingwood College, Denali noticed he and his friends were often shuffling in single file along the footpaths. 

It was actually quite difficult for him and his friends to get to school. 

Parked cars were blocking footpaths and the ramps they used to cross the road on their bikes and scooters.

So Denali and his father Troy explored around the school, taking notes of where improvements were necessary. 

Then they raised these problems with Yarra Council. And now, Denali’s smiling again. 

Ross Evans from Yarra Council’s civil engineering department was happy to help out.

The council installed wheel stops to keep parked cars from blocking the footpath. Denali and his class mates can now walk side-by-side to school.

Ross’ team also made more space for the kids on the footpaths by filling the areas around street trees with a firm, compacted sand substance. This is easy to walk, skate or scoot over and also allows the trees to grow freely.

And new ramps, in better positions, mean cars don’t block the way. 

You can see why he’s smiling now. Thanks Denali! 


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