Artistic intervention for vandalised Smith Street mural

Tuesday 21 February 2017

The historic feminist mural on Smith Street that was severely vandalised by a tagger recently will today be reclaimed by the artists who first created the mural 31 years ago.

The illegal tag all but destroyed the mural with large white letters spelling ‘Nost’, the name of a well-known tagger.

Artists Megan Evans and Eve Glenn will today oversee the transformation of the tag, with the word ‘NOST’ to be converted to a new message: ‘ALL IS NOST LOST’.

Yarra Mayor, Cr Roberto Colanzi said: “The artistic intervention, which is being led by Megan and Eve with in-kind support from Council, is intended to be an interim response to the vandalism.”

“We would like to see a more permanent solution, and we are working with the artists on how this could be achieved in the future,” Cr Colanzi said.


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