Yarra City Council to fly the flag for marriage equality

Friday 12 May 2017

Yarra City Council has further strengthened its support for marriage equality, pledging to fly the rainbow flag at each of its three town halls until the Marriage Act is changed to allow LGBTIQ Australians to marry.

Yarra Mayor Councillor Amanda Stone said the Council was proud to stand together with the majority of Australians in supporting marriage equality.

“Currently in Australia, people are being denied equal and fair treatment under the law due their sexuality or gender identity. There is no excuse for this kind of discrimination in 2017,” said Cr Stone.

“Denying LGBTIQ Australians the right to marry reinforces the damaging view that their relationships are not as important or valued as others.

“LGBTIQ people are twice as likely as the general population to experience poor mental health outcomes. This is directly related to experiences of stigma, prejudice, discrimination and abuse on the basis of being LGBTI.[1]

“All members of our community, regardless of their sexual preference, should have the right to marry who they love. Polls show about 72% of Australians support marriage equality, including 59% of Christians and 85% of people with children.[2]

“A community flag pole was recently installed at Richmond Town Hall, with flag poles due to be installed at Collingwood and Fitrzoy town halls this month. We will fly the rainbow flag at each of these locations until marriage equality is achieved.

“In addition, we will write to each member of Federal Parliament urging them to amend the Commonwealth Marriage Act. It’s time for the Federal Government to put politics aside and end the unjust exclusion of the LGBTIQ community from the right to marry,” said Cr Stone. 

Yarra Council first publically announced its support for marriage equality in 2015.

Council Resolution regarding Marriage Equality – 2 May 2017

Moved: Councillor Searle                               Seconded: Councillor Fristacky

1.           That Council:

a)    note the Council resolution of October 20, 2015 supporting marriage equality;

b)    re-affirms its public support for marriage equality regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity;

c)    write to all Federal Members of Parliament urging them to amend the Commonwealth Marriage Act in the Federal Parliament;

d)    write to the Commonwealth Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission advising them of Council’s support; and

e)      resolves that once the community flag poles are installed at each Town Hall, to fly the Rainbow Flag on each of them permanently until such time as marriage equality becomes law in Australia (except when the flag poles are required for flying other flags in accordance with the Civic Flags Policy).

[1] National LGBTI Health Alliance: http://lgbtihealth.org.au/statistics/

[2] Australian Marriage Equality: http://www.australianmarriageequality.org/get-informed/fact-sheets/


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