Nyarntiny (Kija)

Thursday 09 May 2024 - Sunday 28 July 2024

Nyarnkawum (Rivers), 2023 by Kamilya White. Image courtesy of the artist.

Nyarntiny, a Kija word meaning gum tree, is influenced by and a tribute to the artist Kamilya White's late grandfather, Bill Gregory (Pop).


Passing away aged 100 years in 2022, in his hometown of Benalla, north-eastern Victoria, he lived independently for almost 80 years; in the same property he raised his five daughters with his beautiful wife. Since his passing, White has reflected on the pivotal role her grandparents played in all stages of her life, and the fond memories that they shared, like riding bikes in the backyard with her sisters and curling up beside the heater on a cold Winter’s morning.


With her grandparent’s property backing onto the showgrounds, nature was never too far away, nor was a sense of freeness to create and play in the country air. Ever since she was young, she recalls being in awe of the mighty gum trees that hung over their fence. Their sturdy and calming presence and home to many birds were like pets to them all. Their sheer size and their uniqueness always intrigued her.


The paintings in this series are each inspired by the beauty of the gumtrees' markings and layers. For White, they "represent the different stages of our lives, and the pathways and journeys we take throughout them. They speak for all moments – from joyful times to sombre days, and absolutely everything in betweenFrom planning and draft sketches to every dot, stroke and spray, I am reminded of my beautiful grandparents and the cherished times we shared." Similarly, White hopes these works "help you to reflect and reminisce on the special moments and individuals in your life, and all that you treasure."


Kamilya Lowana White is a proud Aboriginal artist, born, raised and creating artworks in Naarm (Melbourne) on Wurundjeri Country. Ever since she was a child, she has been passionate about art, and enjoys creating with and exploring a range of techniques and mediums. Stemming from her Kija Bardi heritage, Kamilya is interested in creating contemporary Aboriginal paintings, inspired by the land, storytelling and relationships with others, all depicted with a modern twist. Kamilya finds this specific art style therapeutic and uses it to express and ground herself, while deepening her connection with culture.

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