i-Spy by Savina Hopkins

Thursday 15 February 2024 - Sunday 05 May 2024

Image: i-Spy (2023) by Savina Hopkins. Image courtesy of the artist. 

The assemblages in i-Spy by artist Savina Hopkins are created entirely from children’s second-hand building blocks, generated through consideration of the material properties and historic uses of these toys. 

As objects, the weathered wooden blocks are a signifier and relic of childhood and creative play. Given their widespread accessibility and use, these simple, tactile toys possess a familiarity that creates an entry point through which to experience the work. The creative urge to play is widely encouraged in childhood for its contribution to cognitive, physical, social and emotional development, however it tends to be far less valued and supported in adult contexts.

The works in i-Spy were created through a process of experimentation and play; spatial, textural and colour relationships between the pre-painted blocks emerged through long sessions of gathering, sorting, arranging and rearranging. Blocks were carefully selected for their colour, shape and evidence of their previous use, teeth marks, dents, surface wear and paint loss. Through salvaging the unwanted toys and repurposing them as raw art material, the history of the object is foregrounded and its association with play harnessed, elevating the value of creative play as a serious pursuit.

Exhibiting this series in the gallery space at Bargoonga Nganjin, directly adjoining the Children’s Library and play area, invites reflection on the connections between learning, development and creativity, unlimited by one’s age.

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Thursday 15 February 2024 - Sunday 05 May 2024

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