All-electric homes - the why, how and when to get off gas

Thursday 20 August 2020

Join an expert from Renew to learn more about the how, why and when to transition away from gas to an efficient all-electric home. You'll hear about various technologies, including space heating, water heating and cooking. 

Burning gas contributes to the climate crisis and gas exploration and extraction has negative impacts on agricultural land and marine ecosystems. As well, domestic gas prices have gone up since Australia commenced gas exports in 2015, resulting in higher prices for consumers users.

Please note that registered participants will be sent a link to this online panel discussion in the week prior to the event.

This panel discussion is being presented as part of a three part series on a renewables-led recovery as a path towards a safe, healthy, zero emissions future.

Session one will include speakers from The Climate Council, Investor Group for Climate Change and Doctors for the Environment. This session will make clear that our planet, health and economy cannot afford a gas-led recovery and that we have a one-time only opportunity to get serious about the climate crisis and shift to renewable energy, create new jobs and improve public health.

Session two will include speakers from Environment Victoria and Australian Conservation Foundation discussing how you can get involved in their campaigns to drive a recovery from the pandemic that responds to the climate and ecological crises.

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Date and time:
7:00pm - 8:15pm
Thursday 20 August 2020

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