Opening Lines by Julia Gorman

Friday 22 May 2020 - Sunday 29 September 2019

Julia Gorman, Opening Lines 2020, installation view, Malcolm Graham Pavilion

Opening Lines installed at the Malcolm Graham Pavilion in Burnley

Yarra City Council recently commissioned a new public artwork as part of an upgrade project at the Malcolm Graham Pavilion at Kevin Bartlett Reserve in Burnley. Buoyant and bulging with movement, Julia Gorman’s Opening Lines traverses the length of the Pavilion walkway. A series of abstracted leg shapes jump, kick and run across the wall, activating and animating the space with bold, bright colours.

The reserve, named after the Richmond Football Club’s leading games player, is home to the Collingwood City Football Club, Burnley CYMS Cricket Club and Richmond Union Cricket Club. The existing facilities have been upgraded so they are female friendly and accessible. The project funding comes from Yarra City Council and the State Labor Government through its Female Friendly Facilities Fund.

This commission is a result of Council’s Public Art Policy 2015—2020, which ensures Council commits a percentage of the capital works budget for new community infrastructure projects.

View the work at:
Malcolm Graham Pavilion
Kevin Bartlett Reserve, Burnley


Date and time:
Friday 22 May 2020

Kevin Bartlett Reserve