Nocturnal Ecologies : Felix Wilson

Friday 09 August 2019 - Friday 01 November 2019

Felix Wilson, 'Artificial Light, Drawing Insects,' 2017

Felix Wilson's art investigates the complexities and paradoxes of the human relationship to nature, with a focus on exploring the ecologies of the contemporary night-time city.

The nocturnal city is awash with a multitude of complex and layered connections spanning nature, the built environment, electricity, life and light. The illuminated buildings, streets, gardens and public spaces that characterise the city of Melbourne, Australia – the adopted home of photographer and researcher Felix Wilson – tie its inhabitants to the immense brown coal mines and power stations of the Latrobe Valley, some 150 kilometres east, via a vast network of electrical infrastructure. By embarking in the process of burning brown coal – a substance that was formed from vegetation that grew more than 25 million years ago, which can be traced though fossilised remains found during the mining process – we artificially irradiate our modern city, decimate species, and in-turn, entwine our contemporary pursuits and follies with that of deep time. – Dan Rule 


Bargoonga Nganjin, North Fitzroy Library

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Friday 09 August 2019 - Friday 01 November 2019

182 St Georges Rd, North Fitzroy