Monday 12 November 2018 - Friday 01 February 2019

Cold Shoulder, 2018, woven tapestry and textile collage, wool, cotton, linen and silk

Conceal/Reveal is a series of new textile works by Mardi Nowak.  Playing with positive and negative spaces, layering and textures the work is an investigation into images of female identity. 

Nowak is interested in everyday consumption of images, from Instagram, online spaces and fashion media and how we ‘curate’ an image of ourselves.  The construction of this image means that we only reveal what we want of ourselves to others, often leaving elements that we believe to be inferior to remain hidden away.

Drawing upon images of modest dress, veils and headwear, Nowak poses questions about her own fabrication of dress and identity. Underneath loose-fitting dresses are hidden tattoos and symbols – some included in the collages.

Each work is collaged directly into the space using printed textiles, woven tapestry and sewn elements.  Many parts are made only to be covered by others.

This series expands on recent works that explore how tapestry and dress-making skills can be brought together to create non-paper collage.

This exhibition can be viewed during library opening hours.

2018 City of Yarra Exhibition Program, supported by Yarra City Arts and Yarra Libraries.

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Fitzroy Library

Date and time:
Monday 12 November 2018 - Friday 01 February 2019

128 Moor Street, Fitzroy