Councillor Amanda Stone

Councillor Amanda Stone 

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Cr Amanda Stone can be contacted on 9205 5055 or 0429 358 170 or at

Cr Amanda Stone was elected in October 2016 and is a representative of the Langridge ward. She was elected Mayor for 2016/2017.

Cr Stone was first elected to Yarra Council in November 2008 and re-elected in October 2012. She served as Yarra’s 2008-09 Mayor.

Protect Yarra's liveability, environment and heritage

A community activist involved in campaigns to protect Yarra's liveability, environment and heritage, she believes that the challenges of a changing city can only be met by council in partnership with the community.

Protect the Yarra River

A long term Yarra resident, Cr Stone has a special passion for protecting the Yarra River from the impacts of built developments, to retain it as a special place for all Melburnians. She’s also a strong supporter of Yarra as a creative city where the arts and creative industries flourish.

An advocate for a green and sustainable Yarra, Cr Stone believes it is important that we continue our efforts towards a carbon neutral city and that we ensure the most vulnerable in our city are not unfairly impacted by the effects of climate change.

She acknowledges the vital role of trees and green spaces in cooling the city. and believes a better designed city would also help to meet the challenges of a warmer climate and provide an opportunity to honour Yarra’s unique heritage.

Vision for Yarra

Cr Stone’s vision for Yarra is of a city that can accommodate a growing population in high quality, sustainable buildings, with great public spaces and easy access to active transport. She is a strong advocate for a fair and equitable city and nurturing a healthy and strong community, where no-one is left behind is one of her main priorities.

Professional background

An education consultant who has previously worked as a teacher, student counsellor and assistant principal, Cr Stone holds a Bachelor of Arts and Graduate Diplomas in Education and Child Psychology as well as GAICD.

Cr Stone is chairperson on the board of one of Australia's longest-serving aid agencies Partners in Aid, she chairs the Collingwood headspace Consortium and is a member of the Greens.

Internal Committee Appointments 2017:

External Committee Appointments 2017:

  • Doncaster Rail Local Government Group
  • Friends of Baucau
  • Mayor's for Peace

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