Road Closures and Traffic Management Plans

If your planned works and/or event requires a full road or laneway closure you must distribute a notification letter to those affected or within a 100-metre radius, 7-days prior to the closure date.

We must approve your letter before you can distribute this. Please use the Road Closure Notification Template to complete your letter. 

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A road closure is approved for safety when a 3-metre clearance cannot be maintained. This will be dictated by the Traffic Management Plan.

Permits that may require a road closure

When is a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) required?

If you are planning any works on a road, street, lane or footpath, you must submit a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) with your application for review.

The plan covers temporary changes to traffic conditions, road and footpath closures and traffic detours.

This requirement is in accordance with the Road Management Act 2004 (A code of practice for worksite safety – traffic management), the Road Safety Act 1986 and Australian Standard AS 1742.3 2009 Traffic control devices for works on roads.

Who can prepare a Traffic Management Plan?

A Traffic Management Plan must be prepared by a qualified person as required by the Road Management Act 2004 and Road Safety Act 1986 and must be in accordance with Australian Standard AS 1742.3 2009.

You must ensure the information provided is true and accurate. Any inaccurate information or inconsistencies may result in the assessment of the application being delayed.

Here is a list of Traffic Management Companies.