Milestone in heritage protection for Yarra

Thursday 29 June 2017

Yarra Council has achieved a significant milestone in its work to protect the city’s much-loved and valuable heritage buildings, places and streetscapes, with the introduction of planning heritage protection to a number of additional properties and precincts in north and central Richmond. 

The Planning Minister’s approval of Amendment C183, which added about 500 properties to Yarra’s heritage overlay, marks the end of a 10 year process of reviewing and updating the city’s heritage overlay protection.

This has involved several heritage gaps studies and lengthy planning scheme amendments to ensure this protection is enshrined in the planning scheme.

Yarra Mayor, Cr Amanda Stone, said the approval represents a major achievement.

“We have been working for nearly a decade to systematically review Yarra’s heritage overlay, and where necessary extend it to protect more heritage places.

“It’s been a detailed and thorough process, which has ensured that our heritage stock is protected as far as possible under the current planning provisions.

"We have consistent feedback from both residents and visitors that a very high value is placed on heritage in Yarra, where some of Melbourne’s oldest suburbs, streets and laneways and earliest housing is found.

“The heritage gaps work has mostly focussed on parts of Richmond, Collingwood and Abbotsford, which were previously lacking in protection. 

“Now, about two thirds of all properties in Yarra are covered by a heritage overlay – more than in any other municipality in Victoria.

“The city’s built heritage contributes significantly to the identity and character and the continuing narrative of Yarra. It has value socially, culturally and economically with heritage buildings and streetscapes drawing visitors to the city from far and wide.

"With these protections in place, Council can continue its ongoing responsibility to balance the demand for new development with the enduring heritage qualities that define Yarra,” said Cr Stone. 

The heritage policy in the Yarra Planning Scheme provides direction to Council to ensure new development complements and enhances the heritage qualities of a building or streetscape. 

You can read more about Yarra’s work to protect heritage in our special Celebrating our Heritage feature in the latest edition of Yarra News


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