Book a hard rubbish collection


You can request a maximum of 2 hard rubbish collections per calendar year. Hard waste collections are not available to businesses in Yarra.

We are committed to providing a hard rubbish collection within approximately 10 days of your request.

Units and apartments

  • We recommend that hard waste booking requests from multi unit developments be made by the Body Corporate.
  • If you are an owner or tenant please contact your Body Corporate to make a booking on behalf of the whole development.
  • If your booking is through the Building Manager or Body Corporate this provides other residents within the complex an opportunity to schedule a booking on the same day.

How do I book a hard rubbish collection?

You can book a hard rubbish collection by:

Size of a hard rubbish collection

Each collection can be up to a standard trailer load (or 2 cubic metre). Items must be no longer than 1.5 metres and must be able to be easily lifted by 1 or 2 people (excludes mattresses, fridges and couches).

Hard waste placement

When do I put my hard rubbish out for collection?

You must place your hard rubbish items on the footpath the night before pickup has been arranged. It is illegal to place items out more than 24 hours before pickup.

What items are collected?

Items that can be included in a hard rubbish collection:

  • mattresses
  • TVs, VCRs, stereos etc
  • whitegoods such as washing machines, dryers, fridges, ovens (remove doors)
  • small furniture items and couches
  • hot water services
  • small car parts and tools
  • standard car tyres (limit of 4)
  • paint (maximum 5 x 20ltr containers) - must be marked in original tins/containers with lids well secured
  • bikes
  • textiles including manchester and all wearable clothing
  • all wearable footwear
  • leather items including handbags, purses and belts
  • hard toys, soft toys and games
  • cookware including pots, pans, cutlery
  • books
  • plastic bags (put all types of plastic bag into one bag)
  • plastic household items including buckets and washing baskets
  • all types of printer cartridges (place in a separate plastic bag)
  • mobile phone handsets, batteries and accessories    

What items are not collected?

Items that cannot be included in a hard rubbish collection:

  • building materials such as brick, soil, rubble, concrete and timber renovation items
  • green waste, garden waste, dirt or stones
  • gas bottles
  • hazardous material like chemicals   
  • industrial or commercial waste
  • household rubbish or recycling
  • items that weigh more than 50kg
  • 4WD or truck tyres
  • large car parts

For more information call Yarra City Council on 9205 5555 or email