Kindergarten is recognised as an important step in a child’s development. It provides important opportunities to support children’s social skills, learning, health and wellbeing within a supportive early education and care environment.

Attending kindergarten fosters children’s independence and confidence and promotes a positive transition to primary school.

Kindergarten is available for both 3 year old and 4 year old children

It is an educational program delivered by qualified early childhood teachers and educators and supports families to understand and engage in children’s learning.

The 3 year old program is available to children who turn 3 before 30 April in the year of attendance and the funded 4 year old program is available to children in the year before starting school.

Our kindergartens provide:

  • A safe and inclusive environment
  • Qualified educators that engage in ongoing professional development
  • Learning environments, both indoors and outdoors that provide children with opportunities to explore, experiment, create, take risks and learn through play
  • Opportunities to support children to be strong, resilient and confident learners
  • A focus on health and wellbeing in our programming

Each centre can also provide information about other early years services and referrals to family support where needed. 

There are also a number of other operators of Child Care Centres and Kindergartens available in Yarra.

Our programs

Our kindergarten programs are guided by the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework and the Early Years Learning Framework.

Our programs are delivered by qualified Early Childhood Educators.

Kindergarten can be offered as a sessional program or integrated with a long day care program.

Many kindergartens also provide programs for three year old children as an introduction to four year old kindergarten.

Early Start kindergarten program

The Early Start kindergarten program (ESK) is also provided to 3 year old children who are either Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, known to Child Protection or have been referred to Child First by Child Protection.

The program provides up to 15 hours of kindergarten per week and is free for eligible children.

Access for children with specific needs

Our kindergarten programs are inclusive. They encourage and provide children of all abilities genuine opportunities to access and participate in kindergarten and promote a sense of belonging and respect for diversity.

If your child needs extra support to participate in kindergarten, assistance is available.

Preschool Field Officers are funded by the State Government to support the capacity of kindergartens to meet the needs of children of all abilities. There is no cost to families for this service.

Kindergarten Inclusion funding (KIS) is also available to kindergartens to support the participation of children with additional needs.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions (775KB, pdf)

Extended care (North Carlton only)

Session Times Fee 2020 Fee 2021 
Kindergarten holiday program 7.45am to 6.15pm $122.10 $124.60
4-year-old kindergarten extended care 4pm to 6.15pm $26.20 $29.65
3-year old kindergarten extended care 12.30pm to 6.15pm $66.90 $68.25

Families who use Long day care, extended care, kindergarten holiday programs and casual care may be eligible for the Child Care Subsidy. This means you will pay a reduced fee based on your eligible subsidy amount.

Information fact sheets 2021

Find out more information about your child's kindergarten in 2021:


Families may be eligible for Government support with fees for many of our children’s services. The fee support is provided through Centrelink in the form of the Child Care Subsidy (CCS). 

  • Additional subsidies are provided by the Victorian Government that makes kindergarten free for: three and four year old Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander children
  • three year old children known to Child Protection
  • four year old children who hold, or whose families hold a Health Care Card, pensioner Concession Card, Department of Veterans Affairs Gold Card, Temporary Protection/Humanitarian Visas 447, 451, 785 and 786, Asylum Seeker Bridging Visas A-F, Refugee and Special Humanitarian Visas 200–217

How do I register my child for kindergarten?

Children’s Services at the City of Yarra is excited to announce a big change in our Central Registration System process!

Families can now register for our council-managed or participating kindergarten services by completing an online form, using the link below. Please note that there is one form for Kindergarten programs and one form for Long Day Care.

This online process makes it a lot easier for families in our community to register for children’s services in Yarra. We hope you are excited about this development and that your experience with the new forms is positive. Please give us your feedback so that we can continue to improve your experience.

Before you complete the form – there may be some additional information you need to upload, if applicable to you. You will need to have this ready as you complete the form.  You can upload a scanned copy or a photo of the relevant documents.

  • Current Health Care Card
  • Letter of referral from a medical practitioner if there is a diagnosis of a chronic or serious health issue that impacts on your capacity to care for your child.

From 1 July we will no longer be charging a one-off administration fee of $15 for registrations. 

How are places allocated?

Our Priority of Access policy is an important consideration in the allocation of child care and kindergarten places for Children’s Centres operated by the City of Yarra. The policy is applied to ensure there is a fair and equitable process for the management and allocation of places in Council’s Children’s services.

Accepting an offer

You will be contacted via email or SMS if a place becomes available for your child. You will have up to three days to respond to this offer.

After you have accepted your offer, you will receive an invitation via email to enrol your child using our new children’s services management software called Xplor. Xplor also has a fantastic childcare app that captures your child's learning and helps you communicate important information about your child, directly with the service!

If your child is already enrolled in a Yarra service (eg: long day care) you will receive a welcome email directly from the service as your enrolment information will be shared across the two services.

Further information

For more information read our Family Handbook (749kB PDF) 

If you have any questions about kindergarten please contact the Customer & Business Support team on 03 9205 5555.