Statement on Yarra City Council's permanent parklet program

Wednesday 10 August 2022

In October 2021, Yarra City Council announced it would create one of the first permanent parklet programs and supporting policy in Victoria.

This was in response to significant support by Yarra’s business community.

This decision built on the success of Yarra’s temporary parklet program which was well supported by local businesses and the broader community.

Since 1 July, Council has received more than 60 applications from businesses seeking a permanent parklet in Yarra.

Council also extended its temporary parklet program for existing parklet operators until the end of June 2022 to allow more time for businesses to transition to the permanent program.

As part of the transition to the permanent program, businesses are required to meet the necessary safety and building standards required for a permanent structure. These are outlined in Council’s Parklet Policy which is widely promoted.

Officers have continued to work with local businesses to provide tailored support and advice to ensure a smooth transition to the permanent program. 

The permanent program also includes options for a 6-month (summer) permit, giving traders added flexibility.

Since the beginning the pandemic Yarra City Council has provided almost $4 million in funding and support to local businesses, including the waiving of all outdoor dining fees for the past two years, up to June 30 2022, and $700,000 in quick response and precinct recovery grants.

Council remains committed to working with the local business community to ensure a fair, reasonable and streamlined process is in place that balances the needs of local traders with the need to ensure parklets operate safely.


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