Yarra's plan to manage assets for the next 10 years

Thursday 30 June 2022

At last week’s Council Meeting Yarra City Council adopted its Asset Plan 2022-2032 and Asset Management Policy 2022-2026.

These documents detail how we will manage the assets under our control for the next 10 years, and any future challenges that we may face.

Our assets include:

  • council buildings 
  • transport assets such as footpaths and laneways
  • public parks and open spaces. 

These assets help us deliver high-quality services to our community.

We asked for community feedback on the draft Asset Plan 2022-2032 and draft Asset Management Policy 2022-2026 from Friday 6 April until Friday 20 May. Your feedback, along with our Council Plan, Community Vision and Long-Term Financial Plan objectives, helped inform the final Plan and Policy.

You can read more about our Asset Plan and Asset Management Policy and how we drafted them on our Your Say Yarra page.


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