Revised Events in Public Spaces Policy

Thursday 26 May 2022

Children playing at an event, wearing green
Image: St Patrick’s Day, Edinburgh Gardens. Photograph by J Forsyth.

How Council manages events in public spaces is guided by Yarra’s Events in Public Spaces Policy. Since its inception in 2006, the Policy has sought to strike a balance between enabling events to occur and ensuring our community continues to have access to our parks and open spaces for their quiet enjoyment and recreation.

Council has recently endorsed updates to the Events in Public Spaces Policy. The revised policy maintains its focus on the effective management and balance of events in public spaces and now clearly includes a commitment to action on climate change and a circular economy.

As a priority, Council will develop a Sustainable Events Guide to assist event organisers to plan and develop more sustainable events. This important resource will be a valuable tool to event organisers and Council staff as we all transition to a new ‘normal’ in the way we organise events.

Council’s Festivals team is working closely with its Waste and Sustainability colleagues, exploring ways to incentivise changes in event practice to achieve our sustainability objectives. Together we can make a difference!

Read the Revised Events in Public Spaces Policy (PDF, 709Kb).


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