Graffiti removal in Yarra

Monday 25 April 2022

In Yarra, as with most places in the inner city, graffiti is a serious and complex problem. 

Each year, Yarra City Council removes around 30,000 cases of graffiti and unsolicited bill posters, at a cost of up to $800,000.

In line with Council's graffiti management framework adopted in 2020, Council supports private property owners to remove graffiti from their own properties by offering two free graffiti removal services per property per year, when requested by the owner. This free service mainly applies to graffiti removal from street frontages.

To further assist residents and businesses Council also provides free graffiti removal kits.

Council also removes any graffiti which is offensive, located in high prominence areas like shopping precincts or is located on Council owned property. Graffiti removal requires a whole-of-community response that includes police, Council, State Government, residents and business.

This is why our Graffiti Management Framework focuses on prevention and education, in addition to Council assisting residents and businesses in removing graffiti from privately owned property.

For more, visit Graffiti management framework | Yarra City Council


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