Victorian Government’s social housing rates exemption

Wednesday 23 February 2022

Yarra City Council has a long and proud history of being an advocate for public and social housing.

While we welcome the State Government initiative to increase access to additional social housing, our analysis indicates this rates exemption, once fully implemented, will impact our budget by over $4 million per year.

A financial deficit of this magnitude will have significant impact on our ability to continue to deliver services, including the services we currently provide to people who live in public and social housing in Yarra.

Social housing tenants are important and highly valued members of the Yarra community. However, they are more likely to be economically disadvantaged, experience poor health and social disconnection, and are more in need of the services and programs Yarra and other councils provide.

The rate revenue currently paid by State Government for this housing helps Yarra deliver the facilities, services, and programs that promote well-being and participation in the city's social, economic, and cultural life for residents of public and community housing.

Yarra is working with State Government to clarify and assess the full impact of these rate exemptions and how they will be applied.

Shifting these costs from State Government to councils ultimately means that residents living in areas where there is a high percentage of social housing will pay for this initiative when the cost should be shared amongst all Victorians.


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