E-scooters roll out in Yarra

Tuesday 01 February 2022

White and green electric scooter, driving down road by person in jeans, white boots and a plaid jacket. Cars parked in background.

Residents and visitors to Yarra are now able to rent and ride e-scooters to trial a new way of travelling through the city.

The purpose-built e-scooters provide another safe, accessible, and eco-friendly way to travel.

From Tuesday 1 February 1,500 e-scooters will be rolled out across the City of Yarra, City of Melbourne and City of Port Phillip for one year.

Lime and Neuron Mobility will deliver the trial, and rides within the three municipalities will be made possible by downloading the Lime and Neuron apps. 

Riders must adhere to most of the same rules as bike riders, including wearing a helmet and slowing down to give way to pedestrians on shared paths.  

Geofencing technology will also enforce certain 'no go' and 'go slow' zones where speed limits are restricted in high-traffic shared areas and show riders where e-scooters can be parked and located.

The trial is part of the Victorian Government program to understand how e-scooters can be safely incorporated into the community long term.  

As a low-emission mode of transport, the trial will help us take significant steps forward in achieving net-zero emissions by 2030 across the municipality.  

"Yarra City Council is committed to promoting and encouraging sustainable transport options," said Deputy Mayor of the City of Yarra Cr Edward Crossland. 

"Investing in modes of transport like e-scooters help to create a safer and more accessible city and promote a healthy and active lifestyle." 

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