Choosing GreenPower for a more sustainable future

Monday 10 January 2022

field of solar panels on a clear and sunny day

Ande, an architect specialising in energy efficiency and sustainability, switched to 100% GreenPower at her home because of a passion for the environment. She also wanted to choose a company that supported a strong renewable energy target.

GreenPower is a national government program that enables any households and businesses to support renewable energy generation, regardless of whether they rent or own.

When you choose to buy GreenPower, your electricity provider purchases an equivalent amount of electricity from accredited renewable sources, such as large-scale wind and solar.

“It also helps drive the demand for more investment in renewables rather than propping up our old coal-fired power stations that are due or overdue for retirement,” Ande said.

Ande found switching easy. Now she buys her 100% GreenPower from a company that provides accredited 100% carbon neutral power as well.

She has taken many steps to reduce power usage including:

  • switching to efficient lighting and appliances
  • installing solar panels
  • planning to buy an electric car.

Heating and hot water consume most of the energy in Melbourne homes, so it’s important now to transition these from gas-powered to electricity powered by renewables.

Every house Ande works on now is transformed to all-electric, and they remove the gas connection. This means that with 100% GreenPower, homes can be powered completely with renewable energy.

Ande has also enjoyed joining a local environmental action community group - Yarra Climate Action Now. “It is great to meet up with other like-minded people and I feel we have made a real impact in the City of Yarra,” she says.

Learn how to compare and choose a 100% GreenPower plan with our video tutorial.

For a limited time, Yarra residents can get tailored advice from the energy experts at Renew with a free 30-minute phone consultation. Contact the Metro Community Power Hub to book your session


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