Yarra is taking climate action

Thursday 11 November 2021

abstract collage of images including a family underneath a solar panel and a man holding a wind turbine

With Glasgow climate negotiations wrapping up, we know there is much more to be done to tackle the climate emergency. All countries including Australia need to work together to lower their emissions. 

We know that we all have a role in tackling the climate emergency.  At Yarra Council, we are working to reduce our own emissions while at the same time supporting our community to come together to create change and take climate action.

Take Climate Action’ supports our community to:

  • Make lifestyle changes to cut individual and household carbon footprints - changes such as switching to 100% renewable energy and choosing plant-based foods.
  • Join others to create change - be part of the movement asking governments and decision makers for stronger climate policies and action.
  • Help people in the community prepare for and manage the impacts of climate change.

But the sheer scale and complexity of the climate emergency requires that we work together. The actions of individuals, institutions or sectors cannot solve it alone.

That’s why Yarra was one of the first Council’s to declare a climate emergency. Our declaration recognised the planet’s climate is already too hot and that effort is needed across all levels of government, businesses and communities to address the climate crisis.

Our declaration is shared by more than 2000 jurisdictions across 34 countries representing more than 1 billion people worldwide. 

And guided by our Climate Emergency Plan we are working hard to reduce our emissions. So far we...

  • Have installed nearly 3,000 solar panels on 38 council buildings.
  • Are powering all our operations by 100% renewable electricity.
  • Have reduced our organisation’s total carbon emissions by more than 70% since 2008/09.
  • Have been a carbon neutral organisation since 2012.
  • Are transitioning all our buildings and facilities to be all-electric, powered by 100% renewable energy with no use of gas.
  • Are continuing to create and improve cycling paths including safe, separated bike lanes.
  • Are planting more trees
  • Are creating climate adapted green spaces by harvesting more stormwater to maintain our parks
  • Are working towards requirements for new commercial and residential developments to achieve our zero carbon standards.

To find out more about Take Climate Action click here.


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