Where does your hard rubbish go?

Wednesday 03 November 2021

bike leaning up against the wall engraved with second chance cycles.

Did you know, 60 hard rubbish collections are booked in Yarra each day? That leads to over 2900 tonnes of hard rubbish being collected annually. That is the equivalent of collecting 6,500 grand pianos every year.

In the last year we were able to repair, reuse and recycle more than 880 tonnes of the 2946 tonnes of hard rubbish taken to the Clifton Hill Depot. This includes:

The Clifton Hill Depot is also trialling as a collection point for St Kilda Mums. Yarra residents can drop off quality items for babies and children that will be given to families in need.

Despite this effort, more than 2000 tonnes of hard rubbish is still going to landfill every year. 

With the amount of waste increasing, we are asking residents to consider some alternatives. These include:

For more information on where to repair, reuse or recycle items, visit Yarra's Circular Economy Map. This includes:

Every little bit that you donate for reuse or recycling before a hard rubbish collection will help reduce what is sent to landfill. These are steps we can all take to build a more sustainable Yarra.



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