Say hello to Yarra's first-ever Community Vision

Wednesday 18 August 2021

Community consultation session

The Yarra 2036 Community Vision is Yarra’s new long-term vision. It sets out our community’s hopes, aspirations and priorities for the next 15 years.

This Community Vision was created by you – our community. It all started in 2020, when over 1,300 people from across Yarra told us their ideas and aspirations for their future.

Then a community panel of 55 locals from all walks of life came together to consider this feedback and create the vision. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this important achievement in our city’s history. 

The vision

Yarra is a vibrant, safe and inclusive environment. We celebrate and embrace our diversity and connection to each other and the land. Our community is empowered to work together and support one another with respect and trust.

Vision themes 

There are eight vision themes that accompany the vision statement, each with their own priorities for a future Yarra. 

  • Vision theme 1: Strong and Vibrant Community
  • Vision theme 2: Shared Governance
  • Vision theme 3: Community Safety
  • Vision theme 4: Environmental Sustainability
  • Vision theme 5: Social Equity
  • Vision theme 6: Thriving Local Economy
  • Vision theme 7: Shared Spaces
  • Vision theme 8: Growing Sustainably

What’s next?

The Community Vision and its themes are the backbone of our next draft Council Plan 2021-25 and 10-year financial and asset management plans. You’ll be able to have your say on these plans soon. Register at Your Say Yarra for updates.

Get the full report

You can read about each of the themes and priorities in the full Yarra 2036 Community Vision report.

Yarra 2036 Community Vision

 You can also find information on the Yarra 2036 Community Vision page on our website


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