Maximising space in your recycling bin

Monday 12 April 2021

There are some things you can do at home to make the most out of your recycling bin. With these tips you can save up to 60% of the space in your bin.

Flatten all cardboard boxes

Unflattened cardboard is the most common cause of overflowing bins in Yarra. We recommend you remove tape and flatten your boxes before putting them in your recycling bin. 

Scrunch your aluminium foil into a ball

This will also help to separate it from other items once it reaches the recycling depot.

Drop off any excess recycling

You can drop off extra recycling at the Clifton Hill Recycling Depot or take your cardboard to the Burnley Depot cardboard drop off. 

This could include large one-off items such as the cardboard packaging for new home appliances. 

Find out more about our recycling drop off centres. 

Minimise the packaging that you buy

A great way to do this is to switch to reusable, refillable products like keep cups, reusable water bottles and canvas bags.

Request a larger recycling bin

If you need more room for your recycling, we can swap it over to a larger bin free of charge.

Request a free upgrade. 

Why has recycling in Yarra changed?

To help improve the way we recycle in Yarra, we rolled out a new waste and recycling system in November 2020. This included introducing a new purple-lidded glass-only recycling bin and changing what can go in the yellow-lidded recycling bin. This has allowed us to adapt to new laws that make us unable to ship our recycling overseas.

Under the new waste and recycling system, your yellow-lidded bin is being collected fortnightly. This brings Yarra in line with 72 out of the 79 local government areas in Victoria who also collect recycling fortnightly.



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