Why is there a contamination sticker on my bin?

Sunday 14 February 2021

When the wrong items (such as plastic bags and glass) are placed in your recycling bin, this results in contamination. Our recycling facility cannot separate certain items, and this can mean a whole load of recycling may be sent to landfill. 

We want to make sure that Yarra’s recycling can be processed correctly and used to make new products. That’s why we’re no longer picking up your recycling bin if it contains contamination. 

We will leave a sticker on your bin telling you why it has not been picked up, and you will need to remove the items before it can be collected. This sticker has a list of items that cannot go in your recycling bin, and will include a mark next to those that need to be removed from your bin.  

How can I arrange for my bin to be collected once I have removed the contamination?

Once the item has been removed you can request a bin collection online or give us a call on 9205 5555.

What does the ‘No glass’ sticker on my bin mean?

You may have noticed a sticker on your bin that says ‘No glass’. This sticker is not related to bin contamination. These are a reminder for anyone who may not be familiar with Yarra’s recycling system, such as new residents or visitors to the area, that glass cannot go in the regular recycling bin. 

Please do not remove these stickers from your bin. 

How can I check that I’m putting items in the correct bin?

Our A to Z recycling guide can help you ensure that you are recycling correctly.  


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