Petiquette: Do's and don'ts

Monday 07 December 2020

Close up of woman and pet dog in park

There's been an uptake in pet adoption over the past few months.

With more people working from home and not being able to travel, having a furry friend to keep you company has been the purrfect distraction from an otherwise dull lockdown period.

But with restrictions easing and the weather warming up, you and your new buddy may be finding yourselves out and about in the parks, gardens and streets of Yarra. If that’s you, we've got a few tips to keep you, your pet and others safe.


  • Do make sure your dog/cat is microchipped and then registered with us by the time its 3 months old. This also needs to be renewed before 10 April each year.
  • Do always carry a bag to pick up your dog’s poop and then place it in a bin/take it home with you.
  • Do make sure your pet has access to water and shade on hot days.
  • Do take your pup to one of our dog-friendly off-leash parks for a run around.
  • Do make sure your cat has been de-sexed before it is registered with us. This is compulsory in Yarra.
  • Do keep your pet inside on New Year’s Eve. Every year frightened pets flee their homes in fear of loud fireworks, so make sure yours is safe and secure in your home.
  • Do look out for signs of separation anxiety in your dog and speak with your animal care professionals if your dog is fretting or barking more. Our pups and old mates have enjoyed a long period of our undivided attention while we worked from home – the sudden change with us returning to the office can pose a really stressful time for animals that needs to be carefully managed.


  • Don’t let your pup play too rough with other pups, this can work the dogs up and make them act aggressively.
  • Don’t let your dog jump on people, especially children, without invitation. Even friendly dogs can scare some people. Just because someone is in an off-leash area doesn't mean they or their dog automatically wants to engage with your dog.
  • Don’t ever keep your pet in a vehicle on a hot day even with the windows down and you are parked in shade. Animals can still easily overheat.
  • Don’t walk your dog off-lead anywhere other than our designated off-leash areas.
  • Don’t allow your dog to dig holes anywhere and especially on our sports grounds. This can cause damage and lead to players injuring themselves.
  • Don’t allow your cats to stay out at night, kill wildlife and fight other cats. Instead keep them indoors or make sure your yard is securely fenced.

Find out more about responsible pet ownership.


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