Yarra, let's go 100% renewable

Monday 23 November 2020

Join others in the Yarra community to create a city powered by 100% renewable energy. There are four main ways you can take action:

1. Switch to 100% renewable electricity
Ask your current retailer what they can offer or find another cleaner, greener option

2. Install solar
You can receive a discounted price for a quality system through the Yarra Solar Program. With a $1,850 government rebate and no-interest loan for eligible households and businesses, it can mean no upfront cost to you. With around 2,400 dwellings in Yarra currently with solar, there’s still plenty more roof space solar in Yarra.

3. Create an all-electric home
Replace gas cooking, room and water heating with all-electric options or build a new zero-carbon home.

4. Use less energy
Change your habits, upgrade your insulation and lighting, and draft-proof your home – it all adds up to save energy at home.

Attend events to learn more

How to buy GreenPower in an hour

Thursday 26 November 7–8:15pm

Online via Zoom – Register to attend

Find out how to compare 100% GreenPower offers and switch to renewable energy. The energy experts at Renew will demystify GreenPower and walk you through using energy comparison sites to compare 100% GreenPower offers, so bring your bills to see the savings. By the end of this session, you'll have all the information you need to switch to 100% GreenPower at the best available price for your household.

Solar information session

Thursday 3 December 7–8:15pm

Online via Zoom – Register to attend

Yarra City Council has partnered with the Yarra Energy Foundation (YEF) to help you install quality solar systems at a discounted price. By installing solar, you can join in the transition to 100% renewable energy and save on your bills. In this webinar, you'll find out about saving with solar, selecting the right solar system for your home, and the latest government rebates.

Many locals are already enjoying solar

Don enjoys bill-free bliss all year round

Long-time Richmond resident Don Vogt installed 12 solar panels (or a 3kW capacity solar energy system) in 2012 and hasn’t looked back. Since then, he hasn’t spent a cent on electricity use – his solar system generates enough power through all seasons. 

Like many Richmond residents, Don has long been careful with energy use – his Scottish parents always told him to put on another jumper rather than turn on the heating! 

"I spend a lot of time at home, so since installing solar I run most appliances when the power is being made during the day. I love seeing my bill that says zero dollars and zero greenhouse gas emissions."

Don also enjoys the great feeling he has about taking action to help our planet.

"Don’t underestimate how good it feels to be part of the solution to our climate problems. Having solar helps overcome that ‘but what can I do? feeling. I’ve also heard that having a solar system on the roof is an incentive to buyers, so I know I’m improving my property too."

Amaryll achieves energy freedom for herself and her tenants

Amaryll and her partner Diana have lived in Clifton Hill for more than 30 years. As they planned their retirement, they wanted to build a new home with sustainable design and construction at the heart of the project.

They owned two neighbouring 1920s cottages that sadly, were unfit for renovation. Instead of demolishing and building a single house, they chose to build two new sustainable townhouses – one to live in and one to rent to friends.

The all-electric townhouses achieved an exemplary sustainability standard.

Amaryll says: "Our townhouses are largely self-sufficient. There's no gas connection, and the solar energy system generates more electricity than used over the year."

Amaryll and Diana wanted to install the largest solar systems their roof space would allow, achieving a combined capacity of 13.8 kilowatts, or 55 solar panels, across both townhouses. The system includes two 9.8 kilowatt hour batteries and smart technology to calibrate energy usage, resulting in the occupants enjoying very low energy costs. 

Amaryll and Diana applied the same sustainability principles to the property that they rent out. Having lived in the area so long, they’re strongly connected to this community and wanted to create buildings that stand the test of time and provide energy freedom for future generations.

"We wanted anyone who comes to live in the second house to enjoy a comfortable, healthy home with lower energy costs for most of the year. We know that installing solar on any property increases its value too, so it made sense to us to just do it, even if we don’t pay the bills."

New government rebates and incentives are making it easier than ever to install solar and batteries, replace inefficient gas and wood heaters with energy-saving electric appliances, and save on energy bills.

We're powered by 100% renewable electricity

Yarra Council's operations are powered by 100% renewable electricity. We’ve installed 2,920 solar panels (740kW) across 38 Council sites and the remainder of our electricity needs are met by wind power supplied by the Melbourne Renewable Energy Project. We’re working towards getting off gas by transitioning all Council buildings to all-electric by 2030.

'100% Renewable Yarra' is a key part of our climate emergency response. We aspire to double the percentage of rooftops in Yarra with solar energy systems by 2024 and achieve zero-net emissions across the entire Yarra community by 2030.

Find out more

Whether you own your home, rent, or live in an apartment, you can find more on the 100% Renewable Yarra page on our website.


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