The Yarra City Council Election will be conducted by postal vote

Wednesday 16 September 2020

Local government elections will be held across Victoria on Saturday 24 October 2020. For the first time, voting will be conducted entirely by postal ballot across the State.

We encourage you to read the information below or contact the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) if you are unsure about how to vote in the Yarra City Council election.

When will the postal ballots be mailed out?

Ballot packs will be mailed out to your address (as listed on the Electoral Roll) between Tuesday 6 October and Thursday 8 October.

All candidates will be able to provide voters with a 300 word statement in their ballot packs to be sent to voters.

What if I’m away from my address?

You can contact the VEC to request a redirection of your ballot pack if you are not going to be at your address in early October when the packs are sent out.

This includes those who have moved house after the close of the Electoral Roll in August.

The ballot pack will contain:

  • a ballot paper attached to statements and photographs lodged by the candidates in your council or ward
  • a ballot paper envelope with a flap
  • voting instructions
  • a reply-paid envelope.

Completing and returning your ballot

Follow the instructions in the pack to make sure your vote is recorded correctly.

Voting is compulsory for Yarra residents and ballot papers must be completed and returned, in the reply-paid envelope, by 6pm on Friday 23 October 2020.

Do I have to vote?

The Electoral roll closed on August 28. If you are on the Roll you must vote in the Yarra City Council elections or risk a fine.

This includes those aged over 70. Changes to the law in 2020 mean that those aged over 70 are no longer automatically exempt from voting.

Visit the VEC website to find more about applying for exemptions for those aged over 70 who are incapable of voting. 

Information in your language

The VEC has recently published information about voting in the 2020 Local Government Election for those who speak another language at home.

Information is available in over 20 languages as well as links to interpreter services.

If you or someone you know would benefit from accessing information about the Council Election in your language you can visit the VEC website to find out more.


If you are planning on nominating as a candidate in the upcoming Yarra City Council election in October you must register with the VEC.

Nominations open this week on Thursday 17 September and close at 12 noon on Tuesday 22 September.

What happens next?

Voting will close at 6pm on Friday 23 October. The VEC expects to have all votes counted and results declared by Friday 13 November at the latest.


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