Changes to access at Walmer Street, Abbotsford

Monday 25 May 2020

Access to part of the Capital City Trail in Abbotsford will be changing temporarily for pedestrians and cyclists during June 2020. 

Why is access changing?

Ministerial approval was granted on 27 January 2017 for the Development Plan DP1500043 at 607-627 Victoria Street, Abbotsford including the reconstruction of Walmer Street, Abbotsford into Walmer Plaza. 

Icon Constructions are ready to commence the works and to ensure safety, a temporary redirection of a section of the trail is required during the works.

Heritage Victoria (HV) has provided approval for temporary ramp works within the Walmer Street Bridge exclusion overlay.

When are the works happening? 

Updated: 3 June 2020

For safety reasons, access from the riverbank path and Walmer Street Bridge to Victoria Street, Abbotsford will be closed between:

  • 10:00am until 1:00pm 3 June 2020

Traffic management will be present to ensure safety during the works.

Access reopens from:

  • 1:01pm 3 June 2020 until 24 November 2020 and will be via a temporary enclosed footpath and ramp. 

Walmer Plaza is scheduled for completion at the next stage.


Call the Icon Constructions hotline on 03 9389 3619 and mention 'The Parkhouse'.

Changed access at Walmer Street, Abbotsford


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