Waste revolution in Abbotsford

Friday 31 May 2019

Drawing of bins on red background

The Yarra Waste Revolution has landed in Abbotsford.

We’re going to be using what we’ve thrown out, to create what we need. It’s called the circular economy.

The trial is taking place with 1,300 households in the area shown below.

If you live outside this area, your recycling collection stays the same. You can read more about how you can minimise your waste below.

I’m in the trial area, what next?

We’ve got heaps of information to help you use your new bins and get involved in the revolution.

You should have already received a Revolution Kit, and all the information from this is also available online.

This trial will last for about 12 months and following this, we will consider expanding the service throughout Yarra.

I’m not in the trial area, what can I do?

Household recyclables in Yarra are being collected and processed as usual so please keep recycling and putting your bins out for collection.

If you want to separate your glass jars and bottles (no lids) and bring them to our Clifton Hill recycling drop-off centre for processing locally you can do this. Find the details of this centre on the waste and recycling pages of this website

You can also play your part by being mindful of the products you buy and the amount of waste you generate.

We also need to recycle the right way to reduce contamination in our bins. Read more tips for recycling right in Yarra. You can also help by choosing products made with recycled materials.

Just over 50% of the average waste (garbage) bin is food and garden waste. Find out how you can help reduce your household’s food waste, plus Sustainability Victoria has more tips.

We also have a number of recycling drop off points in Yarra where you can recycle items not collected in your recycling bin. Read more about this service and find the locations.


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