National Volunteer Week: Making a world of difference

Monday 20 May 2019

It’s National Volunteer Week and we are celebrating the important work that volunteers do to make our community an enriching and safe place to live, work and learn.

This year's National Volunteer Week theme is 'Making a world of difference'. All over the world, volunteers are improving the lives of others and we acknowledge that our community is immeasurably improved by their dedication and commitment. We thank each and every volunteer and celebrate their achievements.

Meet some of our volunteers


A smiling woman in a red apron surrounded by donated food

Bron Davis-Jones has dedicated 30+ hours each week to support three important organisations; Richmond Churches Food Centre, Finbar Neighbourhood House and Orange Sky.

In her role as the Volunteer Supervisor at the Richmond Churches Food Centre she is an integral team member in ensuring that over 300 vulnerable Yarra families are able to access fresh and nutritious food each week.

“I was taught as a little girl to give back, they were my family values...I love the smiles and to see that I have enriched someone’s day and made a difference for others,” she says.

 A young woman hugging an older woman and smiling with a bunch of flowers

Chika Jones is a young person who dedicates time each week to supporting the learning of adults with learning and physical disability in the literacy pathways class at the Carlton Neighbourhood Learning Centre

She loves the skills and insight she gains through her volunteering role and feels it is giving her valuable experience that will help her reach her goal of becoming a Community Services worker. 

“I want to obtain more skills, knowledge and experiences to be able to work as a professional community services worker,” she says “I like reflecting upon my volunteer performance at the end of the day, such as 'what did I do well today?', 'what can I do better next time?’ and 'how was everybody in class today?'” 

A woman with bright red hair and glasses sitting at a desk

Kerry Scaletti dedicates up to 9 hours each weekend managing the Box Office at The Boite World Music Café.

The Boite is a local community arts organisation that has celebrated Australia’s cultural diversity through the presentation of concerts, workshops and festivals for 40 years.

Kerry began her journey with The Boite in 1994 and she has loved every minute of it. Kerry is passionate about music, the arts and her local community and it is through her volunteering role at the Boite that she has been able to combine these to positively impact her community. 

“The Boite is my family, the concerts are the highlight of my week and free Portuguese tarts and mulled wine are an added bonus!” She says. 



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