North East Link Authority releases Environment Effects Statement

Wednesday 10 April 2019

Have your say on the Environmental Effects Statement for the North East Link Project.

The North East Link Project Authority has released an Environment Effects Statement (EES), which is open for public submissions from Wednesday 10 April to Friday 7 June. The Environmental Effects Statement has information on how the project could affect the environment during construction, when the project opens and how adverse impacts would be managed.

The EES includes:

A Summary Report: A short outline of key information in the EES
Main report chapters: Comprehensive summaries of the findings from each study area
Technical reports: Detailed information about the study methods and the findings
Map Book and Attachments: These include a Map Book with drawings of the design assessed for the EES and the Urban Design Strategy which will help ensure the project is designed and built to high standards.

We encourage members of the Yarra Community who may be impacted by this project to read the Environment Effects Statement and all other relevant resources, including instructions on how to submit a statement to the North East Link Project Authority. You can read the statement online or in person at Collingwood Town Hall. 


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