Amendment C286 - Public open space contributions

We are proposing to increase the open space contributions from developments that subdivide land in Yarra, to help support our growing population. This change would be introduced through an amendment to the Yarra Planning Scheme, known as Amendment C286.

Yarra’s Open Space Strategy was adopted in September 2020 and informs this amendment. It identified the public open space needs of existing and future residents of Yarra, gaps in the provision of public open space and opportunities to address those gaps. Currently the amount, quality and accessibility of open space varies considerably across the suburbs of Yarra. 

What is open space?

Open space is land that is set aside for outdoor recreation, enjoyment and nature conservation and is open to the sky. 

Public open space includes public parks, gardens, reserves, waterways and squares. 

Private open space is all open areas that can exclusively be used by residents of a home or building. It includes back yards, balconies and rooftop gardens. 

Access to open space is important for not only our physical health but also mental health and wellbeing. It is important that we exercise more and be outdoors in the fresh air and natural sunlight to balance our indoor lifestyles and increasing reliance on electronic devices.

Why have we developed this Amendment?

This Amendment is designed to help us better meet the need for public open space in the City of Yarra. 

Over 85% of Yarra’s population lives in medium and high-density housing, compared with 33% in Greater Melbourne. This means that our residents have less private open space available to them and they rely on public open space. 

As an inner city municipality, Yarra’s population is expected to grow by 40% in the next 15 years. Forecasts also expect a 47% increase in workers visiting the area in this time. This will significantly increase the demand on existing space in Yarra. 

The extent of forecast growth varies across different parts of Yarra. Many of the areas that are forecast to change the most are former industrial and manufacturing areas which historically did not have public open space. With increased numbers of people working and living in the former industrial precincts there is an increased need to provide it. 

What does the Amendment do?

The Amendment proposes to update the public open space contribution rate for all subdivisions. This is a recommendation from Yarra’s Open Space Strategy. 

Under the Amendment, any development in the City of Yarra that subdivides land would be required to provide a contribution to public open space at a rate of 10.1%.

This is more than double the current rate, which is 4.5%.

The Amendment also updates Clause 22.12 which provides guidance on the collection of open space contributions.

Amendment documents

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What stage is the Amendment at?

There are 6 stages in the Planning Scheme amendment process. 

Amendment C286 is currently at the second stage, which is public exhibition. Yarra Council has sought approval for the Amendment, and it has been approved for exhibition by the Minister for Planning. 

During this stage, community members and stakeholders can make submissions in support of or objecting to the proposed Amendment.

Step 2 in planning scheme amendment process

How to make a submission

If you would like to provide comments on Amendment C286, you can make a submission. Submissions must be made in writing and are due by 5pm on Tuesday 5 October 2021

Your submission must indicate if you support or oppose the Amendment and outline any recommended changes. Please provide us with your name and contact details so that we can contact you about the next stages of the process. 

You can make a submission by:

Email (Subject line: Amendment C286yara - Submission) 


Attention Strategic Planning PO Box 168, Richmond VIC 3121 (Subject line: Amendment C280yara- Submission).

Please note that in accordance with the Planning and Environment Act 1987, we must make a copy of all submissions available for public inspection.