Alphington Paper Mill

The Alphington Paper Mill site in Alphington is a 16.5 hectare parcel of land on the corner of Heidelberg road and the Chandler Highway and extending down to the Yarra River.

The site is a major strategic redevelopment within the City of Yarra and within inner Melbourne.

Amcor ceased its paper production and recycling operations at the site in late 2012, and during 2013 arranged for the land to be sold. As part of this, the planning controls over the site were changed by the Minister for Planning and introduced a Development Plan Overlay across the site which specifies the requirements for the redevelopment of the site whilst retaining the existing mixed use zoning of the land.

See the Design and Development Principles (511KB, PDF)

The vision for the site is as a major residential precinct with shops, offices, open spaces and community facilities. The Development Plan Overlay specifies the requirements for the redevelopment of the site.

See the Development Plan Overlay schedule (368KB, PDF)

Development Plan approval

During 2014 and 2015 the new owners of the site undertook the preparation of a draft Development Plan, including consultation with the community and submission of a range of technical expert assessments.

On 2 December 2015 our councillors unanimously approved the Development Plan for the Alphington Paper Mill site with conditions including extra protections for the Yarra River frontage and the establishment of a community reference group.

The decision came at the end of two rounds of formal community consultation over 12 months, with a total of 365 written submissions and many verbal presentations to Council.

2 December 2015 Council Meeting outcomes

Council Report (379KB, PDF)

Council Resolution December 2015 (104KB, PDF)

The historic decision, taken after more than 18 months of community consultation and engagement, paved the way for the establishment of a new mini-suburb of up to 2500 homes catering for some 5000 residents, as well as commercial and retail spaces that will provide local employment. The site is owned by joint developers, Alphington Developments and Alpha Partners.

The key elements of the approved Development Plan endorsed in May 2016 include:

  • 4.5% open space
  • 1700 square metres of community facilities and multi-purpose sports court
  • 30 metre wide buffer to the Yarra River
  • 5% affordable housing provision
  • 13,500 square meters of retail and commercial floor space
  • Estimated 2500 dwelling in the form of town houses and apartments

Planning permits are required for the development of the site. The Development Plan guides the planning assessment and approvals which must be generally in accordance with the approved Development Plan.

Under the DPO Schedule planning applications are not publically advertised. 

For more information, see the finalised Development Plan and the Agenda and Minutes (379KB, PDF) from the December 2015 Council Meeting.  

Redevelopment is underway

The demolition of most of the buildings on the site and earth works were the first stage of the redevelopment. This has necessitated the removal of vegetation from the site. Apart from buildings that have heritage significance and are to be retained as part of the development most buildings have been demolished. 

Development of the site will occur in stages with the first stages involving the residential homes and townhouses situated along Parkview Road. Details of the staging and approvals for the site are indicated in the site plan below.

Site environmental management

Due to the previous industrial use and practices occurring on the site it is contaminated and this requires remediation to a standard suitable for its intended use including residential development. This will occur under the requirements of the Environment Protection Act and require the preparation of environmental audit statements or certificates for the site. A number of audits have been prepared and are available on the EPA website.

Works on the site are being monitored by environmental specialists and hygeinists to ensure that risks to the public or the workforce are minimised and health and environmental standards are met.

Community Reference Groups

In late 2016, council appointed a Community Reference Group to enable community members to be involved in the on-going development of the site. During 2017 the Group has met quarterly.  

For more information, see the Terms of Reference.

Road closures

The following roads have been closed to allow for preparation activities at the site (including truck/machinery movements between the site areas):

  • La Trobe Avenue (from Heidelberg Road) Alphington
  • Lugdon Street Alphington
  • Parkview Road Alphington (south of the Sports Pavillion)

The roads will remain closed until further notice. There is strictly no pedestrian or vehicle access within the road closure areas. 

Chandler Highway

The State Government and VicRoads upgrading of the Chandler Highway has coincided with the planning and development of the site. This has necessitated some land acquisition by the State and the integration of the road design for the site with the new design of the Chandler Highway.

Visit the Chandler Highway webpage for more information about the project.

1954 Boiler House update

The Minister for Planning considered a recommendation by the Heritage Council for the registration of the boiler house on the Victorian Heritage Register and determined not to include the building on the Register.

Further information

For further information about the redevelopment of the Alphington Paper Mill site contact us on 03 9205 5555.

Council resolution documents 2020

Construction Management Plan

Schedule 11 of Development plan overlay – endorsed CMP Amcor (701KB, PDF)

PLN130861 – 626 Heidelberg Road – endorsed CMP – demolition (8.78MB, PDF)

PLN130989 – 626 Heidelberg Road – endorsed Demo CMP (1.56MB, PDF)

PLN140273 – 626 Heidelberg Road – endorsed Demo CMP (1.25MB, PDF)

PLN140325 – 626 Heidelberg Road – endorsed Demo CMP (1.16MB, PDF)

PLN140937 – 626 Heidelberg Road – endorsed Demo CMP (2.84MB, PDF)

PLN160178 – 626 Heidelberg Road – Demolition Management Plan (1.83MB, PDF)

PLN160524 – Endorsed Early Wor_ngton CMP190028 condition 16 (13.2MB, PDF)

PLN160628 – 626 Heidelberg Rd, Alphington H&L Endorsed Construction Management Plan (344MB, PDF)

PLN170041 – 626 Heidelberg Rd, Alphington – Construction Management Plan (14.2MB, PDF)

PLN170908 – Endorsed Construct Workshop North – condition 13 (10.4MB, PDF)

PLN180173 – 81 Latrobe Avenue Alphington Endorsed Construction Management Plan – condition 27 (45.1MB, PDF)

Yarrabend Development – 626 He_Civil Works Only – Townhouses – Stage 3.2 (9.94MB, PDF)

Yarrabend Development – 626 Heidelberg Rd, Alphington – Mills Blvd Civil Works – endorsed CMP (27MB, PDF)

Services and engineering infrastructure report

Services & Eng Services Report, incorporating Stormwater Masterplan (10.9MB, PDF)

Environmental management plan

Amcor GHD Geotech report final 2017 (50MB, PDF)

Site Remediation Strategy – GHD Report (10.2MB, PDF)

Stormwater management plan

22185G SEMP1E-4B – issued 03/03/2020 (9.32MB, PDF)

Groundwater management plan

200407 v6 Groundwater Management Plan (276KB, PDF)

Riverbank slumping – documents and reports

Alluvium report interim findings – tree collapse bank slump investigation (7.25MB, PDF)

Douglas Partner report – groundwater investigations - March 2020 (19.4MB, PDF)

DP Report review by Jon Fawcett 24 March 2020 (2.02MB, DOC)

P0519043.20 Yarra River tree collapse review DP report March 2020 v2a (42.8KB, DOC)

P119162 10 Tree T1 options analysis v3a (429KB, PDF)

P119162.10 Tree collapse site visit memo V3a 20190726 (1.18MB, PDF)

Endorsed development plan documents 2016

AMCOR – Alphington Paper Mills Development Plan Vol. 1 endorsed May 2016 (30.3MB, PDF)

AMCOR – Alphington Paper Mills Development Plan Vol. 2 supporting document endorsed May 2016 (73.4MB, PDF)