Extend a planning permit

Most planning permits expire 2 years from the date of issue unless otherwise specified on the permit.

You can request to extend the life of your permit. A request must be made within 6 months of the commencement date and 12 months of the completion date.

How do I apply for an extension of time?

Step 1: Prepare justification

Confirm whether the application is an for extension to:

  • commencement date or
  • completion date (photos and other documents required to demonstrate when works commenced and extent of works)

Explain the reasons for why works were not commenced/ completed in time, as well as:

  • any previous extensions to the permit;
  • any activity undertaken, or costs incurred to proceed with the permit; and
  • whether there is any change to the surrounding area which would alter the consideration of the proposal.

Step 2: Search for your application online

Planning applications portal

Step 3: Submit your extension request

Click on the 'Extension of Time Request' button to submit your application and supporting documentation. You can find the button at the bottom of the page in the 'Available Actions for Planning Permit Applicant' section.

If online submissions aren't available for your application, you can email [email protected] to obtain a manual application form.

Step 4: Pay any applicable fees

You'll need to pay any applicable fees when you lodge your request.

What are the fees?

Fees for planning applications and subdivisions