Extend a planning permit

Most planning permits expire 2 years from the date of issue unless otherwise specified on the permit.

You can request to extend the life of your permit. A request must be made within 6 months of the commencement date and 12 months of the completion date.

How do I apply for extension of time?

To apply you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Write a cover letter

Provide detail whether application is for extension to:

  • commencement date or
  • completion date (photos and other documents required to demonstrate when works commenced and extent of works)

Reasons for why works were not commenced/ completed in time, as well as:

  • any previous extensions to the permit;
  • any activity undertaken, or costs incurred to proceed with the permit; and
  • whether there is any change to the surrounding area which would alter the consideration of the proposal.  

Step 2: Submit the extension of time request 

Submit the extension of time request, a clearly providing the relevant planning permit number and address of property.

Please remember to provide all contact details, including current postal address

You can submit your extension of time request in 3 ways:

Once your request has been received, you will be contacted to discuss payment of the request.

Step 3: Pay the relevant requisite fee

    Permit granted under the VicSmart Process  $101.50 
    Permit granted for the construction or extension of a single dwelling  $487.00 
    Permit granted for the construction of 2-9 dwellings  $761.00 
    Permit granted for the construction of 10 or more dwellings  $1,015.00 
    Permit granted for subdivision  $487.00 
    Permit granted for Change of Use, Liquor Licence or Reduction of Car Parking requirement  $487.00 
    Permit granted for Other Development with a value equal to less than $5 Million  $1,270.00 
    Permit granted for Other Development with a value more than $5 Million      $2,030.00 

    VISA/Mastercard payments incur an additional surcharge of 0.5%.