Skip bin permits

When do I need a permit?

If you are placing a skip bin on our land you will need a skip bin permit. Skip bin permits allow for a skip bin to be placed in a legal parking bay and where access is not restricted at any time.

If you want the bin to be positioned in a laneway, on a road or any location that restricts access you will need a Road/footpath occupation permit.

For laneway or road closures you will need too obtain a Traffic Management Plan and you must distribute a courtesy letter to affected residents seven days prior to the placement of the bin.

I'm a resident and need a skip bin delivered to my property

You can contact a skip bin company who will apply to us on your behalf to arrange a permit.

  • Payment for the permit will be a part of the cost the skip bin company will charge
  • The skip bin company must be registered with us before they can apply for a permit
  • We do not provide skip bins for hire

I'm a skip bin company and need to apply for a permit

If you're not currently registered with us, you will need to do the following:

Your online account will be set up and you will be notified of your account details (including user name and password) via email. You will be emailed instructions to help you use the online system.

All applications will be made online using this account and payment made when you submit. 

We endorse the VicRoads Code of practice for the placement of Waste Bins on roadsides.

I am a skip bin company and I already have an account

If you are a skip bin company and you already have an account, you can apply and pay online using your existing account details. 

Apply and pay online

Download the Skip Bin user guide

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If you press ‘submit’ and don't receive an acknowledgment email with a reference number, please email

How long will my application take to process?

When all required documentation has been supplied and is satisfactory you can expect to have your permit within 24 hours.

The permit must be issued before placing the bin on our land.

How much does it cost?

  • $24.05 per day unmetered parking bay
  • $65.20 per day metered parking bay

Bins cannot be placed in clearway times, no stopping, loading zone or disabled parking bays.