Encouraging Yarra residents to electrify everything!

Monday 01 May 2023

Two people standing on a balcony with solar panels in the foreground beneath them

Yarra City Council is proudly working with over 60 councils across Australia this month to launch the Electrify Everything campaign.

This national campaign focuses on helping to support our residents and businesses to transition to being all-electric and reap the benefits of clean energy.

By working together we can make a real impact on the wellbeing of our community and planet.

With energy bills rising, switching to efficient electric appliances can help reduce costs and protect against bill shock and future price rises. Electric appliances are also safer and healthier for our community as they don’t create any indoor pollution like gas does, which carries many health impacts.

To help support our local residents and businesses transition to being all-electric, Yarra:

  • Has created a Go Electric Action Plan template that offers residents a plan and checklist with actions they can take to make the switch to all-electric.
  • Is co-hosting a series of events on how to create an all-electric home, including workshops on induction cooking.
  • Is launching portable induction cooktops to borrow and trial from Yarra Libraries.

For more information on events, incentives and rebates to make the switch more affordable visit our Electrify Everything webpage.



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