How Yarra is acting on the climate emergency

Monday 16 January 2023

Richmond Town Hall and a giant sunflower on top of it

Yarra’s Climate Emergency Plan guides Council’s efforts towards zero-net emissions across the entire Yarra community by 2030. 

This includes efforts to accelerate the uptake of renewable energy including in our own operations, engage and support our community to take climate action, create a climate-adapted city, transition towards zero-emissions transport, and move towards zero waste and conscious consumption.
We are pleased to share that since adopting our Climate Emergency Plan in 2020, 112 of the 119 actions in the plan are either completed or on track. 

Climate action by the numbers

The number of Council buildings that have transitioned from gas to all-electric powered by renewables since the adoption of the Climate Emergency Plan. 

Participants in the Community Skills for Climate Action Program Yarra Council developed and delivered, in partnership with Merri-bek and Darebin Councils. The program resulted in 22 local climate actions projects. 

Extra street trees planted across the city thanks to additional funding provided to accelerate our street tree planting program in priority locations. 

The number of years ahead of schedule in delivering glass recycling collection service across the municipality to separate glass from co-mingled recycling streams. The service will be required across the state in 2027. 

With Council’s support, the City of Yarra became the home of Victoria’s first urban community battery. 

Find out more about Yarra’s Climate Emergency Plan and climate action achievements.


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