Alphington Park

View Street, Fairfield

Alphington Park

Alphington Park

View Street, Fairfield

Alphington Park's peaceful surrounds on the banks of the Yarra River and wetlands make it an ideal place to visit.

It's a great place for activities like team sports, lawn bowls, jogging or walking and there's plenty of scenic spots for a picnic.

Personal Trainers are welcome to use this site if they have obtained a permit.

To book the sports ground, please refer to our bookings page.

Features and facilities

  • public toilets
  • Soccer/Cricket Sports ground
  • playground
  • barbeques
  • picnic tables
  • drinking fountains
  • bike parking
  • off street parking
  • dog walking
  • dogs may be exercised off-leash before 10am and after 5pm


Location and contacts

Contact us about park maintenance

9205 5555